Math Problem Solving Lesson Plans

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Different number sets will lend themselves to different strategies and different models.

In fact, using the same vocabulary across problem types helps students see the relationship of the numbers at a deeper level. Students are not solving a word problem to find “the answer”. My students can still explain, after instruction, that they A couple years ago, I came across this article about the need to help students develop adequate models to understand the relationship of the numbers within the problem. I needed to make a distinction between the students use to understand the relationship of the numbers in the problem and the strategies to solve the computation in the problem.

Although the answer helps me, the teacher, understand whether or not the student understood the relationship of the numbers, I want students to be able to explain their process and understand the depth of word problems. Those two things work in tandem but are very different.

If you’re working on addition without regrouping, use those number sets.

The more connections you can make between the computation and the problem-solving the better.


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