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Some need to outline concepts on paper, others go straight to computer.So develop a plan that supports your individual style.

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Even with lots of content, when you are faced with answering a question such as “What matters most to you? Here is an exercise that stops you from over-thinking: set your alarm clock for 3am. The first thing that comes to mind might surprise you.

Do this for a couple of nights and you may come up with a few options or find that you are building a consensus around a certain topic.

4 Before you actually write the essays, take the final step of mapping out the general topics you will cover in each essay.

As you map a topic to a question, check it off on a master list of stories you want to cover.

2 As you begin to approach essay-writing time, consider putting together a “brag sheet”.

Write down all of the things about you that would not necessarily appear on a résumé: languages you speak, all extracurricular involvements, family traditions and more. 3 Once you have the essay questions in hand, there may still be a few stumpers.This way, you can make sure that a given school is receiving all of your key stories, and that you are spreading out different stories across an application and not being repetitive.5 Everyone works in different ways: some work best first thing in the morning, others are night owls.Enlist someone who knows about the application process and make sure they are not just reassuring you that all is well, but are actually giving you some quality feedback.More from our application special How to find the right MBAPhilip Delves Broughton: Why you shouldn't bother with an MBAApplication dos and don'ts Video: What does a business school look for in an applicant?Ask someone to review your essays, look for typos and tell you if you are hitting all of the points in the right way. Do you seem too humble, too cocky, too serious, not serious enough?After you have been buried with your essays for weeks, a fresh perspective can often help you see the application as an admissions-committee member does: for the first time.Their aim is to push applicants to reflect on their unique capabilities related to business, leadership, and other professional areas.Applicants need to be able to take the essay question and apply it to their own experience, which will be different from the experience of any other individual.Many find that the first application can take around 40 hours of work—brainstorming, drafting, editing, refining.As you approach this process, make sure you have the time. Do not take work leave or attempt it in a single week. Therefore make sure that you have plenty of time to do it right. A page full of so-so text is less intimidating than that blank page.


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