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The deadline for the Nonprofit Management Scholarship is March 31 and the deadline for all the others is May 31.

“We sometimes see students borrow the full cost of the program, but not necessarily use the full loan amount…so they pay back a huge chunk of it right as they graduate,” Fairbank added.

Vanderbilt Scholarships Vanderbilt Business offers an entire array of scholarships for Executive MBA students, including the Brockenborough Family Scholarship, the Ingram Scholar Award Scholarship, the Forté Fellowship for Women, the Diversity Scholarship, the Nonprofit Management Scholarship, and the Global Immersion Track Scholarship.

“It may be an offer to cover your tuition, or it may be an offer to reimburse your costs,” according to “If it’s the latter, you will be required to complete the course to receive the money back.

Other stipulations will usually include a minimum grade requirement and a contract guaranteeing that you’ll continue working for the company post-graduation.

“If the request is accepted, it can radically expand your financial options and even increase your chance of admission.

Sponsorship also invests your employer in your personal success, often leading to better post-MBA roles.” UNDERSTAND COMPANY POLICY Before even submitting a request for MBA funding, it’s important to first examine and understand your company policy around sponsorship.

There are also websites available that can match you with outside scholarships after you fill out a profile; you then apply for the scholarships by submitting an essay.

Company Sponsorships Executive MBA students are often eligible for some level of financial support from their employer, as getting an MBA significantly contributes to their professional development.

However, Mitrakos says, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your research.

“Just because there isn’t a written policy doesn’t mean your employer never sponsors MBAs—in our experience even some big-name employers make these decisions on an ad hoc basis through recommendations from supervisors,” Mitrakos writes.


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