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It is impossible to cover everything in an essay, and your markers will be looking for evidence of your ability to choose material and put it in order.

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A very common complaint from lecturers and examiners is that students write a lot of information but they just don't answer the question.

Don't rush straight into researching – give yourself time to think carefully about the question and understand what it is asking.

Not everything will fit so be prepared to discard some points (you can mention them briefly in your introduction).

Outline what you are going to include in each section: Writing a summary - Some people plan best once they have written something, as this helps clarify their thinking.

Before reading - This is a really valuable stage which many people miss out, but it makes your reading and planning much easier.

Before rushing into your reading, note down your initial thoughts about the question - a spider diagram or mind map is good for this.The first thing to do when preparing to write an essay is to make a plan.You could just rush in and write everything that comes into your head, but that would make it difficult for your marker to read and would reduce the effectiveness of your ideas.You can then use one of the methods below to write a more detailed plan.Spider diagrams / visual plans - These are sometimes known as mind maps.If you find it difficult to write enough, expand on some of your points with sub-points in the planning stage.No plan is perfect, so be prepared for your ideas to change as you write your essay.This kind of plan gets all the main ideas down on a page with key words and phrases round the central question.You can then order your ideas by numbering the arms of the spider diagram.Set the question in context – how does it fit with the key issues, debates and controversies in your module and your subject as a whole?An essay question often asks about a specific angle or aspect of one of these key debates.


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