Medicinal Cannabis Essay Thesis

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We learned about famous scientists, who secretly received a huge salary from the pharmaceutical companies only to speak out against cannabis and to support the outdated notion that we are talking about a dangerous drug.

Similarly, at the time, the defenders of the tobacco received huge bribes from the tobacco companies for his silence.

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At the same time, there are caveats: about 10 percent of those who use cannabis, may become dependent on this plant.

However, it should be remembered that dependent on painkillers gets a much larger number of people. Psychiatrists warn that the use of cannabis at a young age increases the chances of illness with schizophrenia, and can also lead to panic attacks.

Illegal marijuana is too costly for the law enforcement system Legalization would not only eliminate the cost of investigation, arrest and confinement of detainees on charges related to marijuana, but will allow the state to obtain additional income in the form of tax revenues from trading in derivatives of cannabis.

Instead, every year in the United States for marijuana arrest about 750 thousand people, making justice more expensive and less effective: prisons are overflowing, the attention of the police, judges, prosecutors diverted from more serious offenses, the judicial system is “clogged”. The positive effects from eating marijuana can be successfully used for medical purposes.


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