Mexican Family Culture Essay

Holidays and birthdays are big events in my family.This last Christmas we were disappointed that we would have to be one family member short.

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It’s in my blood, so when people try to tell me that I am not Mexican, I get mad and wonder who gave them the power to make such a harsh judgment. We love each other very much, and always make it a point to come together as often as possible.

It’s hard for me to explain what my Mexican heritage means. We have carne asadas, which is a barbeque, Mexican style.

It’s frustrating when people ask me "So are you Irish, German, Asian or Dutch?

" Often I find myself laughing as they continue down the list trying to guess what I am.

Even at the lowest levels, police officers readily accept bribes from those wishing to avoid the nuisance of a traffic ticket or a night in prison.

In recent years, the government has begun addressing this corruption by reducing the number of state-owned businesses and calling on Mexicans to refuse to give bribes.

In Mexican culture the expectation of working and socializing together is a key component of society, and has a basis in the strong ties formed within the family.

However, lack of faith in the government is a result of widespread political corruption.

My dad calls these get-togethers a "," or in Dad vocabulary, "Come and eat as many tacos as you possibly can!

" Usually we go all out: the Mexican rice, the refried beans, hot salsas, cilantro, tomato, onions and, of course, guacamole.


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