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Middle Ages Essay Introduction-33
During the British Industrial Revolution, many goods were produced in mechanized factories rather than by hand.Obviously, a large amount of innovation in machine technology had to occur for this to happen, and the British Industrial Revolution is marked by several significant inventions.

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The population of the Middle Ages was mostly rural, with open fields cultivated in discontinuous strips by "peasants with rights of pasture, fuel and game on the overstocked common" (Deane, p 37).

The population of the British Industrial Revolution, on the other hand, was mostly urban.

However, studies have found a slow but systematic social reorganization of land holdings from peasant-owned strips to consolidated units called "enclosures".

This allowed farming to take place on a larger scale, and peasants who had formerly been working the land were available as a source of labor for the new factories (Deane, p 37).

Then there were spinners who made thread from the wool, weavers who crossed the threads, fullers who would raise the nap of the cloth, and dyers who would color it (Kline, lecture).

Many of these workers lived in country areas, and although some were also farmers, many worked full-time at their small part of the textile trade (Musson, p 79).

Everyone has heard the terms "Stone Age," " Bronze age," and "Iron Age"; associated with particular periods of history.

For most people, these terms conjure up an entire image of the social and political environment that existed during that period.

This is not surprising, since any industrial revolution is characterized by a migration from rural areas into cities, where people can participate in factory work.

Although the population moved away from farming centers, they obviously still had to eat, so the productivity of farms must have increased during this period.


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