Middle School Action Research Papers

Principal action research begins with questions principals have about their school, such as “What happens to struggling readers in our school after they leave intervention programs?” or “In what ways are out-of-school or in-school suspensions as discipline strategy affecting student performance?Nancy Fichtman Dana is professor and director of the Center for School Improvement at the University of Florida and author of the AASA book Leading with Passion and Knowledge: The Principal as Action Researcher.

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The following lesson provides two examples of action research in the field of education, methods of conducting action research and a quiz to assess your understanding of the topic. Each of these ways is used in various professional fields, including psychology, sociology, social work, medicine, nursing, education and so on.

However, the field of education often uses action research, an interactive method of collecting information that's used to explore topics of teaching, curriculum development and student behavior in the classroom.

Yet, perhaps even more than teachers, principals live in a world of isolation.” This isolation keeps principals from learning, growing and becoming the best administrators they can be.

Engaging in action research challenges these norms, as principals surround themselves with other professionals engaged in a process that helps them converse about practice in systematic and meaningful ways.

He used the knowledge he gained through this inquiry to inform and educate other teachers on his faculty who were interested in co-teaching, and adjusted the schedule to allow more time for co-teachers to plan together.

In the absence of Bracewell’s action research, faculty enthusiasm for inclusion might not have received the administrative nurturing necessary for this innovation to expand and grow. The “Forgotten Factor” in the Inclusion Equation: What Effect Does the Inclusion Environment Have on the Reading Achievement of Eighth Grade Language Arts Students? Action research is very popular in the field of education because there is always room for improvement when it comes to teaching and educating others.Sure, there are all types of methods of teaching in the classroom, but action research works very well because the cycle offers opportunity for continued reflection.Leading with Action Action research is a powerful, underutilized tool principals can use to cultivate their craft and improve school performance. Learn more about this powerful process in the AASA book Leading with Passion and Knowledge: The Principal as Action Researcher. Improving Schools From Within: Teachers, Parents, and Principals Can Make the Difference. In all professional fields, the goal of action research is to improve processes.Action research is also beneficial in areas of teaching practice that need to be explored or settings in which continued improvement is the focus.Do as I do, as well as I say, is a winning formula.If principals want students and teacher to take learning seriously ...In their 1998 book What’s Worth Fighting for Out There?When they engage in action research, principals must devote sustained attention to one issue, tension, problem or dilemma, enabling them to be pro-active rather than reactive.


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