Migration Essay

A variety of factors can cause migration of individuals.While the factors leading to migration can be classified into several categories, in general term people take decisions to migrate based on push and pull factors.A cyclic movement includes short duration trips to place of work (i.e., commuting), or frequent business trips of people in business, or movement of nomads, which is compara­tively irregular in timings.

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- Since the dawn of time people move from one place to another in search of more opportunities and a better life.Push factors are events and conditions that force individuals to move to other locations.They include a variety of motives from the idiosyncratic, such as an individual’s dissatisfaction with the facilities at home, to the dramatic, such as war, economic dislocation or ecological deterioration (Knox and Marston, 197).In fact, each movement is simultaneously emigration (or out-migration) for the place of origin or departure, and immigration (or in-migration) for the place of destination.Gross migration refers to the total number of migrants moving into and moving out of a place, region or country, while net migration is the balance between the number of migrants coming into and moving out of a place, region or country.Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world.According to Mulvany & Caroll, “The number of countries represented by people coming to Australia is a lot greater today than it was at Federation, in 1906”(2003, p.28)....In other words, net migration is the gain or loss in the total population of an area as a result of migration.Migration stream is a term used for spatial mobility in which the migrants have a common place of origin and common place of destination.In the case of international migration the departure of an individual or a group from a country is termed as emigration, while arrival or entry into a country is known as immigration.The equivalent terms in respect to internal migration are out-migration and in-migration.


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