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The example of the concrete military appearance requirements corroborates the importance of maintaining high standards in military dress.Had a soldier get in trouble for disrespecting a NCO and his corrective training was to write a 1000 word essay on the definition of disrespecting a NCO, the effects of disrespecting a NCO, and the legal ramifications of said actions. The Cadet Handbook gives a detailed description of both male and female hair, cosmetics, fingernails, and jewelry standards.

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Notably, the main attributes of a soldier who behaves professionally include integrity, honesty, competency, accountability and self -regulation.

Soldiers have to demonstrate the five values of the US military that include trust, expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps, and stewardship.

General appearance of military servant and condition of military uniform are essential components of every army battalion.

However, some people could say that a particular sense of an army is about how servants do their job, but not about what they look like.

Professionalism is important in many jobs including the military because high levels of respect, commitment and discipline are required.

Importance of Professionalism in the Military and how One’s Actions Affects Others A soldier performs numerous professional responsibilities.

The soldier turned in a word for word document you can find on the internet.

Introduction Professionalism refers to the qualities, aims, and conduct that characterizes a certain profession.

Consequently, the military dress must always be neat, well-ironed, and fully buttoned.

In addition to the cleanness of the dress, military appearance includes physical fitness and weight standards.


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