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Finally, I didn't take advantage of the AP/honors classes available at my high schools (I moved and attended two schools).

I remember thinking that two or three AP classes and a couple of high AP scores would be good enough.

In this article, I use my own rejection experience as a guide to explain how likely a college rejection is for you, how to avoid getting rejected from college, and the steps to take in case your top-choice school just isn't that into you.

First things first, how likely is it that you'll actually get rejected from college—more importantly, from your top-choice school?

Your chance of getting a college rejection letter will be less likely if your top-choice school is ranked lower and has a higher admission rate.

For the Ivy League and other highly competitive schools, you'll definitely need to stand out from other applicants.You've sent out your applications and can't stop envisioning yourself at your top-choice school. Is it still possible to attend my top-choice school?But then the unthinkable happens: you get a college rejection letter. The truth is that I've been in this same situation.This can put you right in the crapshoot of college applications, significantly reducing your chance of acceptance (and thereby increasing your chance of rejection).For more tips on how to put together a strong application, look at a real Harvard application and acceptance letter, supplied by our resident perfect SAT/ACT scorer. I applied to college in 2008 (yeesh, I'm getting old! At the time, Stanford was my top choice, so I applied restrictive early action, meaning that my application was due earlier (by November 1) and that Stanford was my #1 pick for college.If you're not sure how high of a GPA your school expects, try looking on the school's website for any information or data about the average GPA of admitted applicants.That being said, getting a high GPA alone isn't as important as getting a good GPA taking a challenging course load.By excelling in several classes, you're providing direct evidence of your deep commitment to learning and academic success. The answer to this will depend on the school you're applying to.If you're applying to a top-25 school such as Stanford, aim for a 4.0 (unweighted) or pretty close to it.I remember bursting into tears as soon as I finished reading it and then running to my parents for comfort. And I had a blast: I joined a couple of clubs, wrote for the school newspaper, worked on campus, made good friends, and had an overall fun and eclectic experience I'd never trade for Sometimes, though, I think back to that initial college rejection and wonder: how did I manage to get through such a difficult, stressful time in my life?So many questions ran through my head: how come they didn't like me? And how can I use what I know now to help other students in the same position I was once in?


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