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For example, if you work in a hospital, it will be easier for you to collect data for your research paper in nursing.You should choose a topic that may have some academic, social or practical value for scholars, students or the society.For example, you might be concerned about social and health issues or safety of food products.

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You should clarify your ideas and transform them into a narrow research question that will guide your writing.

If your ideas are too vague, you can try to do the following to help you formulate them into specific research questions: Many students make the common mistake – they choose topics that are broad and may be more appropriate for book projects.

Once you've decided what topic you will be writing about, the next thing you should pay attention to is the scope of your paper or what you will be including in your discussion.

The broader your topic is, the more difficult it is to discuss the full details.

This is why you should establish early on the scope and limitations of your paper which will provide the foundation for your research paper outline.

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Basically, your outline will constitute three main sections: the Introduction, the Body and the Conclusion.Besides, we’ll give you some tips on how to approach any tricky topic for a research paper.Selecting an interesting topic is critical for the success of your research project because it will send you in the right direction and keep you interested and motivated during the whole writing process.But to make sure your paper is complete, consult your instructor for specific parts they wants to be included in your research paper. But first, let’s discuss the main sections of your paper and what information each should cover.The introduction should contain your thesis statement or the topic of your research as well as the purpose of your study.You may include here the reason why you chose that particular topic or simply the significance of your research paper's topic.You may also state what type of approach it is that you'll be using in your paper for the entire discussion of your topic.But the most critical and the most frustrating part of the entire writing process for the majority of students during their first year of college is choosing a research topic.The problem is that in high school, topics for research projects are typically defined by a teacher and students enter higher school completely unprepared to select topics for their research on their own. If you struggle with finding a final question for your research, keep reading this article where you’ll find the lists of good research paper topics in different fields of studies.Remember the “Rule of 3” which states that you should find 3 supporting arguments for each position you take.Start with a strong argument, followed by a stronger one, and end with the strongest argument as your final point.


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