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"Morrison's Voices: Formal Education, the Work Ethic, and the Bible." American Literature 58 (1986): 217-37. Article in a scholarly journal that pages each issue separately (i.e., each issue begins with page1)--give volume, issue, and year. "The Sinister Oriental Thriller: Fiction and the Asian Scene." Journal of Popular Culture 19.2 (1985): 49-61. Article in a magazine (not a scholarly journal), give complete date (if weekly), otherwise month and year. Basic biographical information about a major author, such as dates of birth and death, would be considered common knowledge.

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Parenthetical documentation is a shorthand system for acknowledging sources of information. To quote a story from this edition, you would place the story title first: "The Story of an Hour." The Awakening and Selected Stories. Citing commentary by the editor(s) of a work Gilbert, Sandra M. Some scholars work largely from a Freudian psychoanalytic point of view, others from a Marxist point of view, still others from seemingly apolitical methodologies such as deconstruction.

Instead of using footnotes and bibliography, you use in-text citations and Works Cited/Works Consulted lists. "Introduction: The Second Coming of Aphrodite." The Awakening and Selected Stories. Feminist critics may work from within some, all, or none of these perspectives, and some very current critics may work from a consciously "non-feminist" perspective.

You call it "Works Cited" when you list only only the works directly referred to in the narrative (omitting other works consulted but not used).

For nineteenth-century works, we usually use a modern edition, but give the date of original publication after the title, as shown above. It includes collections on ), I have observed something resembling either ignorance, bias, or backlash regarding feminist approaches to literature. Be alert to your critical authority's critical perspective.

NOTE: The "Twentieth Century Views" series is no longer published, but the Chelsea House series (general editor, Harold Bloom) attempts to fill the need for convenient collections of significant criticism on works commonly taught.

The rule is that everyone whose ideas or actual words you use in your narrative must appear, alphabetically, in Works Cited. Novel or play in an anthology: (Note: a story or poem in an anthology would be cited exactly the same, except the title would be quoted rather than underlined.) Morrison, Toni. Such collections are, of course, useful for insight on what scholars thought about that novel the women's movement changed critical perspectives.

Even if all users choose the identical variables, it would still be unrealistic to expect a reader to count the number of paragraphs, pages or screens in order to locate your citation.

It would be a very tedious task to try to locate a paragraph, page or screen number if the Web page cited is long and consists of both text and non-text items.

For popular dictionaries and encyclopedias, you can also omit publisher, just giving the year of the edition. If you look something up before writing it down, even if just to verify it, go ahead and document it. Most of the time, you should be able to put the critic's ideas in your own words.

Article in a scholarly journal with continuous pagination (i.e., there is only one page 1 for each year, each issue for a year picking up where the last issue left off)--give volume and year only. Below, New York is a weekly magazine, Psychology Today a monthly. "Marriage in the '80s." New York 1 June 1987: 30-38. Article in a reference book--treat like an article in a collection, but omit editor. To be classed as "common knowledge," the information must meet ALL of the following conditions: CAUTION: Generally, if you write while looking at a source or while looking at notes from a source, you should give credit for the information.


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