Modern Day Hero Essay

This was to demonstrate to the audience the proper way to live one’s life because “such teachings…indicate the didactic character given to ancient tales that were of popular origin, but which were modified and elaborated under the influence of the schools which arose in connection with the Babylonian temples” (Jastrow & Clay, 2003, p.12).This story proves that people have the ability to grow and they are not stuck forever in repeating the same mistakes.

It demonstrates that people can be better people, and that even kings have lessons to learn.

While Gilgamesh is a part god, the reader can see him as a person with a number of human qualities that ordinary people may also possess in everyday life.

Any new version is automatically filtered through what we know about Batman, and the “re-imagining” must continue to exist within the same basic space that the character has been in for the cultural memory of its reader.

Batman fans know already what to expect from the story.

Modern characters may have some similar traits inherent to Gilgamesh; still, there are also a number of differences to be observed. Exposed to the horrors of crime and violence, Batman understands what it is like to have some other will imposed upon him (Zehr, 2008).

Though he did not want to lose his parents, he faced the situation when his parents were taken away from him anyway.

Though the stories about Gilgamesh’s adventures existed on their own, they were also altered by the author to teach the audience values.

There were many different versions of Gilgamesh, and he was then given one single definitive version as he was recorded.

The concept of heroism is considered to be one of the most disputable questions for a long period of time.

Different people offer their own interpretations of this word and use various examples to prove the positions chosen.


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