Monadology And Other Philosophical Essays

Monadology And Other Philosophical Essays-17
These are the principles of contradiction and sufficient reason.► The first reads as follows: two contradictory propositions, one is true the other false.Leibniz, the great conciliator, describes a world steeped in consistency when evil loses positivity.

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consists of a translation of the entire fifth volume of Gerhardt's Die philosophischen Schriften von G. Leibniz, sub-entitled 'Leibniz und Locke,' consisting of an introduction by Gerhardt, several short pieces on Locke's Essay and the New essays on human understanding; and of an appendix containing a translation of other short pieces of Liebnitz bearing on the subjects discussed in the New essays or referred to therein."- Translator's pref.

(1714) The work of Leibniz is huge and rich with insights of genius.

So when I walk beside the sea, a thousand little unconscious perceptions and too petty to be seized, and psychic contents that I do not know that I have not clear understanding, form the whole of my vision clear.

– For those little unnoticed perceptions, we are linked, so insensitive to the whole world and the real.

Given that Leibniz the natural theologian and metaphysician is, at the same time, a moral philosopher, ethics has a central place in his philosophical system.

No divisions exist among the nominally different fields.

It is therefore legitimate to speak of Leibniz‘s optimism, optimism here denoting the idea that the world is the best of possible worlds: between an infinity of possible worlds, there is the best of all, it’s true world today.

A person who raises the issue: “the world is it not, nevertheless, full of pain? – Leibniz replied that any pain or anxiety are the very conditions of pleasure and happiness.

In his description of the universe, Leibniz also attempts to “overcome” the Cartesian mechanism: in the eyes of Descartes, matter back to the geometric extent.

A mechanism that opposes the dynamism of Leibniz, that the universe is composed of monads, simple substances without parts, atoms and elements of the nature of things, dynamic spiritual realities, like souls.


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