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In England, the richest country that ever existed, property stands for more, compared with personal ability, than in any other.After dinner, a man believes less, denies more; verities have lost some charm.“The nerves,” says Cabanis, “they are the man.” My neighbor, a jolly farmer, in the tavern bar-room, thinks that the use of money is sure and speedy spending. Keep cool: it will be all one a hundred years hence.

In England, the richest country that ever existed, property stands for more, compared with personal ability, than in any other.After dinner, a man believes less, denies more; verities have lost some charm.

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Volume 1 of a 10 volume collection of Montaigne’s famous essays in the 17th century English translation by Charles Cotton. This material is put online to further the educational goals of Liberty Fund, Inc.

After dinner, arithmetic is the only science; ideas are disturbing, incendiary, follies of young men, repudiated by the solid portion of society; and a man comes to be valued by his athletic and animal qualities. Pope was with Sir Godfrey Kneller one day, when his nephew, a Guinea trader, came in.

“Nephew,” said Sir Godfrey, “you have the honor of seeing the two greatest men in the world.” “I don’t know how great men you may be,” said the Guinea man, “but I don’t like your looks.

Read the haughty language in which Plato and the Platonists speak of all men who are not devoted to their own shining abstractions: other men are rats and mice. The correspondence of Pope and Swift describes mankind around them as monsters; and that of Goethe and Schiller, in our own time, is scarcely more kind. The genius is a genius by the first look he casts on any object. Does he not rest in angles and colors, but beholds the design—he will presently undervalue the actual object.

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In powerful moments, his thought has dissolved the works of art and nature into their causes, so that the works appear heavy and faulty.

Nothing so thin, but has these two faces; and, when the observer has seen the obverse, he turns it over to see the reverse. We never tire of this game, because there is still a slight shudder of astonishment at the exhibition of the other face, at the contrast of the two faces.

A man is flushed with success, and bethinks himself what this good luck signifies.

So did the church, the state, college, court, social circle, and all the institutions.

It is not strange that these men, remembering what they have seen and hoped of ideas, should affirm disdainfully the superiority of ideas.


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