Moral Values In Life Of Pi

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This concept of sacrificing his personal beliefs out of desperation is not a comfortable transition for Pi. Since it is his first killing, he does it gently with “tears flowing down [his] cheeks” (Martel 183).

Pi’s emotion shown in the process of killing this fish portrays his internal struggle of wanting to remain peaceful.

Pi takes care of the tiger but grows weak and blind.

He is nearly murdered by another traveler passing, but once again the tiger saves Pi.

The tiger is not a moral beast, but the boy and the tiger forge a connection, out of their difficult circumstances.

Pi claims at the beginning of his tale to be a believer in three religions, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. It is not a moral being like a human being, but by respecting its life, Pi benefits from the animal's presence.His attitude on the raft encompasses the acceptance of fate of the Eastern religion of Hinduism, and the forgiveness of Christianity. In fact, Pi learns by observing the animal that the tiger, as wild, primal, and animalistic as it may be, can actually survive better on the raft than he can.The tiger is not purely thoughtless and cruel like the hyena, a creature which simply stuffs... Such struggles could be within themselves or with someone or something else but commonly stem from some sort of opposition in lifestyle.He values dignity and character over corruption of morals initially because he sees it as the correct way of life.The choice of music complements each scene so perfectly that one is easily drawn into the movie.Of course, this is a matter of personal preference.He symbolised his name through the use of the mathematical symbol ‘π’ and listed out a substantial amount of its decimal places, thus becoming Pi Patel, school legend.Oftentimes, we find ourselves in a similar predicament.His religious diversity forms a moral standard of “dignity not …depravity” (Martel 71).He values dignity and character over corruption of morals initially because he sees Humans generally face struggles in their lifetime.


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