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Brainly is a network where students can find peer support and ask and answer questions, while the other two sites offer student rewards and certificates for homework completion.

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Motivation For Homework Mcat Scoring Essay

It's hard to get kids excited about things they don't want to do, like going to sleep, eating their veggies, and, yes, doing their homework.The National PTA recommends 10-20 minutes of homework starting in 1st grade, then add 10 minutes for every grade thereafter, capping at 120 minutes for a student in 12th grade.It’s going to be very tough to get a senior in high school to enjoy 120 minutes of homework.To help with this, we've come up with seven creative solutions to help get them excited about doing their homework (and doing it well! Any adult who has a desk knows that having a colorful, inspiring workspace can really help you with creativity and productivity. Whether they have their own desk in their room or have a workspace in a common area of your home, decorate it with things they are inspired by (colored pencils, a fun eraser, etc.) so that homework time is more fun.Rewarding your child for doing their homework can be a little controversial, but when done right, it's very effective.Students are more likely to enjoy and get into their homework if it means something to them.If students are learning about their community, or other cultures, create a way for them to relate their own lives with that of what they are learning.It’s hard to assign homework that meets the interests of all students, so to increase the chances that your students will actually enjoy doing their homework, try mixing it up by varying assignments.To peak student interest and keep assignments fresh try changing your usual style of homework.Studies have shown that when teachers merge student interest into their homework assignments, students are more likely complete the assignment.Appealing to student interest is a great motivator that keeps them engaged, as well as enjoying their work.


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