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Literature review is not the easiest chapter and you need to give special attention as this part plays an important role in approval.You will definitely get puzzled with this section and love to get help from experts.

You can also discover more about the usage of samples and get valuable instructions of experts by visiting this page.

This page will tell you relevant methods to write abstract effectively and speedily.

We provide you decisive factors to meet the requirements of this section and to create a comprehensive page.

Make sure that you reference clearly all sources of literature and internet that you have used. The standard of English, style and overall presentation of the dissertation is your responsibility. Role of the dissertation supervisor The supervisor’s main concerns will be to advise on the identification and refinement of a suitable topic and provide some references to the general methodology to be used to assist you to identify deficiencies in your work, comment on presentation, findings and reporting of the conclusions.

You should not expect your supervisor to read every word in your drafts nor to provide detailed and comprehensive comments on each chapter.


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