Murder On The Orient Express Essay

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As mentioned earlier, Mary Debenham is the only working-class character that seems as strong as the aristocratic passengers.

However, by the end of the novel, she too breaks down in tears. What is the significance of law and the jury system in the novel? Characterize the detective figure as suggested by Murder on The Orient Express.

Under Poirot's scrutiny and the pressure of the situation, most all of them eventually break into tears, most notably Greta Ohlsson who is an emotional mess throughout much of the novel.

Again, with the exception of Mary Debenham, there are no bad or evil servants—all of them are sweet and kind and caring, devoted to the Armstrong family.

Unfortunately for Poirot, a murder is about to take place on the Express; and unfortunately for the killer, “probably the greatest detective in the world” happens to be aboard.

A huge ensemble cast of recognizable stars file into the railroad cars, so as to build up the number of possible suspects.

Where he demands balance and harmony (after accidentally setting a foot down upon animal droppings, he places his other, clean shoe into the mess to create a precise equality), he instead finds imperfections, which, with deductive reasoning, allows him to notice the details and motives that fellow investigators cannot.

He’s also quite tickled with Dickens, and he’s a trifle superstitious.

Yet as Poirot begins collecting clues and conducting interrogations of the passengers, it becomes increasingly evident that nearly nothing has occurred by chance.

Since the source material is more than 83 years old, it’s likely that a great number of viewers won’t be familiar with the story.


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