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This is because being focused enables one to work with a single-mindedness that mostly results in success.While I have always set goals for myself through my life, I realize that I have not been as focused on achieving them.As a professor of mine used to tell his classes, There is, and can be, no direct correlation between the grade you receive on a paper and the amount of time or effort you have spent on the paper; which is not to say that hard work does not produce results, but only that some people can do with great ease what others cannot do at all or can only do with great effort.

Flexibility entails being open to changing course when it is not possibly to proceed in the current manner or when the current course of action is not producing the desirable results.

Rochford goes on to declare that one of the signs of a great person is flexibility.

In the past, I have always compared my activities with those of my family members and have in fact used this as the yardstick for measuring how well I was fairing.

With my newly formulated personal philosophy of success, I realize that I have been confining myself and greatly limiting my chances of success by seeking to fill in the mould that has been cast for me by my family.

There is nothing wrong with defending a qualified conclusion, such as Socrates theory of recollection can be defended against this criticism, rather than an unqualified conclusion, such as Socrates theory of recollection is entirely correct.

In fact, you will probably not have argued for the latter conclusion in your paper, since it requires that you have shown not only that some criticisms fail, but also that there are not any other criticisms that might succeed against Socrates theory.In this essay, I shall define the success strategies that I have discovered and which I intend to use in the coming years to achieve success.One of the success strategies that I have incorporated in my personal philosophy is flexibility.By adopting this philosophy, I am bound to achieve great successes since I shall invest more time and efforts to my work.The strategies that I have outlined in this paper are the most important among the ones that I intend to use as the road map which will guide me to the immense personal achievements that await me in my future.There is no way to inquire into something that you dont know, since you dont know how to begin, but there is also no way to inquire into something that you already know, since you already have the knowledge in question.Also try to avoid the temptation to end with an empty prediction about continued debate: Though Menos definition of virtue is a good one, the philosophical debate over what it means to be virtuous will no doubt continue.But years later when you think about this decision of trusting us with your essay, you will be highly pleased with yourself, because we are not the sort of people to let you down. In which section of philosophy you want our help: Metaphysics, Logic, Aesthetics, Epistemology or any other?On whichever part of philosophy you want help, our writers are professionally apt enough to produce the sort of essay that you imagine to be produced. We are originally based in the US but have our people working in countries like Canada and Sweden as well. If you find out more about us, you will find that we have an uncompromising reputation regarding the quality of our work, the seriousness in terms of deadlines, our diligence when it comes to grammatical and structural correctness and the strictness of our policies against plagiarism.This earnest attitude is why we have satisfied and grateful clients who give testimony of our exceptional work.


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