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I took a big gulp and decided to step on it and quicken my pace. The same moment I decided to quicken my speed, a deer burst through the night.

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In this kind of darkness I was in, it was hard for me to believe that I could be I took a glance around and found myself looking right into a pair of dark, glassy eyes peering at me through the bushes. Were those the evil eyes of a goblin lurking waiting for it’s next meal?

My breath became too rapid for me to be able to whistle.

These homes were for the rich, those in particular that were fanatics about everything they do, the kind of people that live life to the maximum to keep living it.

For three friends who had never even seen this legendary neighborhood before, the event of a lifetime had occurred, they had been invited to attend Billy Mc Dowell’s Halloween party.

It was Christianized in the 9th century as "All Hallows' Eve," which precedes the Roman Catholic celebration of All Saints' Day on November 1. Using Scary Stories to Motivate Students to Read Students examine story elements through teacher read-alouds and independent reading and then use reader-response journals and graphic organizers to prepare for the creation of their own scary stories.

Ghosts and Fear in Language Arts: Exploring the Ways Writers Scare Readers Students analyze scary stories to 'break the code" of horror writing and use what they learn to write scary stories of their own. Collaborating on a Class Book: Exploring Before-During-After Sequences Students and the teacher produce a class book through a group-writing activity, focusing on a basic before-during-after sequence of events.Trying to get myself together I began to feel this hot puffs of air on the back of my neck. I looked to the ground and discovered a little white dog. What is a cute little puppy like you doing in a dense forest like this? I was relieved it was only a dog instead of the ghastly goblin, but I only made it half-way home by then.As I proceeded on the white little dog followed me.A Directed Listening-Thinking Activity for "The Tell-Tale Heart" What's that sound?Students participate in a Directed Listening– Thinking Activity (DLTA) using "The Tell-Tale Heart," make predictions, and respond in the form of an acrostic poem or comic strip. This Guiding Question gives them a chance to assess themselves on the concepts involved in writing an essay.It also gives me a chance to see what they might need more work with, and how I can support them.His face was slightly disfigured, a scar running down the length of his left cheek. Waylon was dressed as a punk vampire, while his big brother had dressed himself up as Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas.Houses as black as the night behind where a graveyard stands with trees moaning and bats flying through the sky.Immediately noticeable bolder colors emerge from the decorations of the local estates, each with its own scheme of deep purples, grays, and oranges and a corresponding theme of horror.The homes it this neighborhood, in fact, were not your average homes, rather their very presence was towering.


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