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As you are writing entirely from one person’s point of view, first-person can be very limiting.

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Constant self-referencing, over-the-top emotional response, can all drown out the story and become too much.They can lie to the reader, misdirect, say whatever they want, in a way that third-person is unable to, and be completely excused as it is part of their character.Your narrator does not even have to be your protagonist, and although they are the protagonist in their story, that is only one facet of the overarching tale that is happening around them.When writing a story it is incredibly important to use the most suitable point of view.Some tales live or die on the use of perspective, and choosing the wrong one can be the downfall of a piece.You can effectively communicate how each moment feels; delivering sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, all through the prism of your narrator. Their fears, their hopes, their love, their despair, all can be delivered to the reader directly and with maximum emotional impact.Your narrator’s reactions to situations and other characters can be imparted effectively, and all this creates a strong sense of empathy in the reader.This allows the story to ‘jump’ between different perspectives whilst maintaining the first-person style, although it must be clearly identified to avoid confusing the reader.First-person immediately puts the reader inside the narrator’s head, which allows for an intimate portrayal of thoughts and emotions.Writers are also able to hide exposition within a first-person stream-of-consciousness by turning it into thoughts and musings.The great advantage of the first-person narrator has to be their unreliability.


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