Network Management Thesis

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Each routing protocol performs best under specific network conditions, such as under relatively low mobility level and highly dense network size.

The main attribute to routing protocol performance degradation is connected to changes of the network context and conditions.

In this dissertation, we carry out an in-depth outage and failure analysis of a university campus network using a rich set of node outage and link failure data and topology information over multiple years.

We investigated the diverse statistical characteristics of both wired and wireless networks using big data analytic tools for network management.

Forward Networks was founded in July, 2013 by four Stanford Ph.

D.s with extensive backgrounds in networking and software architecture and who had done pioneering research in Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Brandon received his Ph D in Computer Science from Stanford.

Involved in Open Flow before it had that name, he served as main editor of the spec for three years, seeing it grow from an academic prototype to a real tool for industry.

He is a contributor to the Open Flow spec and the author of Beacon, the Open Flow controller at the core of commercial products from Big Switch Networks, Cisco, and others, and open source controllers such as Floodlight and Open Daylight.

His thesis used SDN to improve virtualized data center performance.


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