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He believes that in the online environment “the news seems to be shaped by a greater and more varied group of actors” [2], and that factors outside the newsroom such as advertisers and the audience may have more influence on online newspaper journalists’ conceptions of newsworthiness.Therefore, this study focuses on external influences on online daily and print daily newspaper journalists’ conceptions of newsworthiness.

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Introduction Influences on newsworthiness Theoretical framework Studies of online journalists Research questions Methodology Results Discussion Limitations and conclusion Weaver and Wilhoit (1996) assert that “ Nothing in the [journalism] field is more important than decisions about what is worthy of publication or broadcast” [1], noting that much of the criticism about the news media concerns the selection of news stories.

Kovach and Rosenstiel (2001) state that with the advent of the Internet, the concepts of journalists’ applying judgment as to what constitutes news is more important than ever.

As a result, online journalism has been analyzed extensively by critics and scholars, particularly in terms of content and audience (Singer and Thiel, 2002).

However, despite the increasing prominence of the Internet as a news medium, less scholarly attention has been paid to online journalists (Weaver, , 2006).

Besides, there was a distinct noticeable trend of growth in readership of English newspapers especially among the youth audience.

Download Paper (PDF) Symposium: 2005: Prague, Session 7 - The Business of Publishing Authors: Gonsalves, Bruce, Sen, Sandipan, Sreyamskumar, M.Data for this study were gathered via a nationwide survey.Weaver, Wilhoit and colleagues (1986, 1996, 2006), in their extensive chronicles of the profession, asked journalists to rate the influence of a number of factors on their conceptions of newsworthiness.V., Sudhir, DOrganisations: Indian Market Research Bureau, The Mathrubhumi Printing & Publishing Co. This article examines the influence of extramedia (outside) forces on the newsworthiness conceptions of U. Online daily newspaper journalists rated Audience Research, Advertisers, Public Opinion Polls, Wire Service Budgets and Prestige Publications are significantly more influential than did print daily newspaper journalists.Research investigating how journalists perform their jobs is important to understanding the profession (Brill, 2001).Thus, this project seeks to add to our knowledge of online journalists by examining the influence of several factors on U. online daily newspaper journalists’ conceptions of newsworthiness and comparing their responses to those of print daily newspaper journalists.A bit less influential were factors from outside the news organization such as sources (39 percent of daily newspaper journalists rating them as very influential), audience research (29 percent), wire service budgets (27 percent), local competitors (21 percent) and large newspapers or network television news (12 percent) (Weaver, , 2006).However, Boczkowski (2004a) in his ethnographic study of the development of online newspapers, suggests that they differ from their print counterparts in editorial practices. A national survey (N=655) found that while extramedia forces exerted only a moderate influence overall, they were more influential on the online group.The findings suggest that journalists in the online environment are reconceptualizing their gatekeeping roles.


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