No One Writes To The Colonel Essay

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It was that he inspired confidence in other writers and attracted attention to a literary world that was almost completely ignored internationally up to that point beyond the likes of Borges and Neruda.

The political atmosphere in the USA and Europe at the time favoured the emergence of radical voices from outside the literary mainstream, and the Latin Americans fitted the bill.

By contrast, the honourable poor (like the colonel in No-one Writes to the Colonel) cling to what they know to be true, but are defenceless against a manipulated political system.

On the larger canvas of One Hundred Years of Solitude, a US-owned banana company “invades” the central village, Macondo.

Although a significant element in some of it, the danger is that the richness of his work is reduced to mere exoticism by the ill-defined application of this label.

It is as well to bear in mind his telling assertion that there wasn’t a single line in his novels which was not based on reality.With the exception of the experimental Autumn of the Patriarch, his style is restrained and meticulously honed.He was incapable of writing a badly turned sentence.He achieved that rare feat for a Latin American writer of living by his creative work, without ever losing his passion for journalism.The success of One Hundred Years of Solitude in 1967 spearheaded what was later understood as the boom of Latin American literature in the 60s and 70s.The devastating effects of its presence constitute an unanswerable critique of the commercial and political power of Latin America’s unneighbourly neighbour.And then in Autumn of the Patriarch, we see the other side of authoritarian politics in a pathetic dictator.Politics are never presented directly, either in discussions between characters or in the framing of events – he’s far too subtle to adopt that approach.But he depicts the damaging effect of politics on individual lives in ways which imply a bigger picture.But in the context of the Cold War García Márquez’s left-wing views led to his being refused entry to the USA, and later to his only being granted limited visas.García Márquez’s work is so universally applicable because he writes about the most fundamentally human of topics – politics and love.


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