Nonviolence And Peace Essays

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It can be achieved through collaborative efforts between families, colleagues, neighbours, classmates, governments and all other people in our world.Everyone can be involved in creating a culture of peace; even if in a minor way, there can be a major impact.

Peace education needs to be included in school curriculums and it needs to be rated at the dame importance as common subjects such as mathematics or science.

If everyone contributes a small amount of their time and resources to the cause of alleviating the poverty of others, there would be a drastic change in the number of impoverished people in our world.

Another impediment to peace is intolerance of other people.

When they are sensitized to conflict and violence, and even view it as exciting or glamorous, how can they understand the impact of violence on real lives? Canada signed the document and made a pledge to act on certain obligations, such as including peace education in our formal and informal educations systems.

The Canadian government has made certain obligations to the United Nations with respect to peace education, and the United nations International Year for a Culture of Peace, Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World, and UNESCO Culture of Peace Program suggest institutional changes to which the Canadian Government is a signatory.


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