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Click Ignore and Continue if you want to supervise this testing session without these students.

A student must be assigned to the current term before they can take a test." The error includes a list of affected students.

Once the editor accepts the invitation, the status changes to "With editor." However, if the editor declines (which is not uncommon), invitations have to be sent out again, leading to further delay.

So don't worry, as this kind of delay is quite normal.

If you wish to continue using this Testing Session, please click the "Ignore and Continue" button." The error message includes a list of affected students, and the test they are assigned.

Not Assigned

Example: To resolve this error: The error message reads: "These students cannot be added to your active testing session because they are not assigned to the current term.The Not-Assigned Classes screen lists classes of the selected/loaded timetable that currently do not have time and room assigned.When a timetable is loaded, it is possible to click on any of them to see more information about the class and/or to assign time and room manually.This report will be exactly the same as the Profit and Loss by Job report already defined in the Report Center, with one important difference, a column entitled No Name In which are all of the costs not associated with a job will appear.Quick Zoom on any row in the column to see the detail of the costs that have not been assigned to a job.However, if you do not see a status change within the next couple of weeks, you should send an inquiry to the journal.You might need to follow up from time to time to ensure that your paper makes some progress.I can create folder,read and send email from the mailbox of user 'abc'.But When I try to search for another mailbox 'def' using the method 'Get Searchable Mailboxes', I get the following error.does not contain predetermined reports to identify transactions that have not been assigned to a job.A Profit and Loss by Job will contain all jobs with activity during the period specified in columns across the report; however, those costs not assigned to jobs will not be contained in the report.


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