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There is growing use of new and unique forms of organization and organized action, including various forms of networks and distributed systems of service delivery (including collective impact and community engagement governance initiatives).

How is governance in these forms similar and different, and what are the implications of these forms for governance of the individual organizations that participate in them?

This journal is intended to contribute to extending and linking the value of nonprofit and social economy research relationships across Canada and throughout the world.

ANSERJ is multi-disciplinary, as well as interdisciplinary.

There is strong interest among researchers and practitioners alike to come together to engage in substantive and thoughtful dialogue about the ways that governance systems of nonprofit and other civil society and public service organizations are evolving, adapting, growing, and performing.

This conference creates a truly collegial space for such engaged dialogue among colleagues, and we invite researchers, scholars, consultants, executives, and other civil society leaders from across the globe to join us for this set of critical conversations.

We have greater insight into the behaviors of the people who are a part of the governance process, what motivates them, how they engage in their work, and the implications of their performance for board and organizational success.

Likewise, more is being learned about systems of governance that operate beyond the scope of individual organizations as more and more nonprofits are active in networks, alliances and collaborations.

ANSER/ARES members receive pre-publication access to the journal.

Call for Conference Papers from Academics and Others Complications and Conundrums: The New Era of Research on Nonprofit Governance and the Work of Boards (A Conference for Practitioners and Researchers)April 23-24, 2015Kansas City, Missouri, U. This year’s conference theme, Complications and Conundrums: The New Era of Research on Nonprofit Governance and the Work of Boards, reflects our appreciation for the growing diversity of important insights that are being generated as researchers and practitioners from a growing range of disciplines and fields examine in greater depth and complexity the world of nonprofit governance and boards.


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