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My eyes were greeted by the luminous glow of fluorescent lights and sterile white walls of Rumah Sakit Bunda (Bunda Hospital).

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I stood on my tiptoes, clapping furiously, my mouth open in a joyous scream.

The White Sox, my favorite baseball team, had won a critical game while I was in the audience.

In a classroom occupied by thirty students, I am the only one of African descent. Seemingly overnight, I went from being a cross country runner to the girl on crutches. All runners have them from time to time, no big deal, right? I walked into the hospital that morning wearing my red polo and khakis, which I feared made me look far more like a glorified Target employee than a capable intern.

In a locker room of varsity basketball athletes, I am the only one under six feet tall, and during a first priority assembly hosted by a peer, I am the only one of... By now I should have been done with my warm up jog and run-outs and heading over to the check-in tent, spikes in hand, ready to run the 3200 meter race at the State Championship meet. As I stepped out of the elevator, I realized that four hours of basic training...

The clock counted down not only the time left in the game but also how many seconds I had left playing on my basketball team before I told the...

To term it a blessing would understate my first semester experience.In front of the board stood two kindergarteners, a classmate and I, ready to engage in fierce competition. It didn’t matter where he was (in town, at church, on the beach), or what it was (a receipt, a broken beer bottle, a plastic fork); he was going to pick it up. He never rang the doorbell, never knocked, just walked right in.Jackson never needed to knock; he was just “family.” He eats his meals with us, watches sports with us, and if it weren’t for the human eye, you’d think he was one of my siblings....The blocky character was made out of perfect, tiny squares as if it had been built out of Lego bricks. Can anyone tell me if this essay is the same each year?Working with a group of brilliant professors and highly motivated colleagues has provided me a unique and enriching experience.Additionally, it has helped me clarify and define...When I tell people I work at the library, they often respond with open jaws and comments ranging from, “Oh my gosh—dream job! ” While the tasks are routine, each shift jostles my curiosity awake. My earliest memories take place in airports; in these recollections, I blink sleep out of my eyes as the hypnotic conveyor belt spins round and round.It is hard to remember where I was in those jet-lagged moments—America, where I went to school,...The wording for last year was, "What excites you about the University of Notre Dame that makes it stand out from other institutions?" My son would like to get a head start on this one if possible, but I don't want him to waste time if it might change.


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