Nuclear Weapons Research Paper

Nuclear weapons will nevertheless spread, with a new member occasionally joining the club.Horizontally, they have spread slowly across countries, and the pace is not likely to change much.Short-term candidates for the nuclear club are not very numerous.Bipolarity has produced two outstandingly good effects.They are seen by contrasting multipolar and bipolar worlds.Even though the more powerful states of the world have occasionally been direct participants, war has been confined geographically and limited militarily.Remarkably, general war has been avoided in a period of rapid and far-reaching changesdecolonization; the rapid economic growth of some states; the formation.What the further spread of nuclear weapons will do to the world is therefore a compelling question.Most people believe that the world will become a more dangerous one as nuclear weapons spread.With those two tasks accomplished in the first part of this paper, I shall ask in the second part whether increases in the number of nuclear states will introduce differences that are dangerous and destabilizing.The world has enjoyed more years of peace since 1945 than had been known in this centuryif peace is defined as the absence of general war among the major states of the world.


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