Nursing As A Vocation Essay

Nursing As A Vocation Essay-3
Some people think that this is one of the best services which is provided by someone to the humanity.

According to (Oskins 1979, Anderson & Basteyns 1981) dealing with death and dying patients is particularly stressful for nurses.Nurses are encountered with different work tasks, and different working hours because of the institution demand and nature of work..Working in shift duties can disturbed our normal lives and we feel physical weakness and fatigue.Due to certain work overload it usually caused of Physical stress.Nurses are the around the clock providers of patients care.There are many factors of working life which is associated to stress.Physical work over load is one of the main aspects which can cause stress.According to(Blair and Littlewoods) there are two source of stress in nursing one is conflict with coworkers and second is lake of support from head nurse or manager.Head nurse or clinical nurse specialist (CNI) support is very essential for staff if head nurse do authoritative role and do favors of some staff than staff feel lack of social support and less satisfaction with the head nurses which can cause stress.Fatigue is the most common adverse effect of shift and night work.Fatigue results from an difference between work load and rest.


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