Nursing Personal Statements For Applications

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Writing the personal statement or admissions essay is an important, yet daunting task.

The personal statement is your opportunity to shine as an individual to the Admissions Committee in a way that both reflects, and transcends, the rest of your application materials.

This knowledge has helped me to understand the diseases of the patients I care for, such as diabetes, arthritis and heart problems.

I enjoyed the practical aspects of the curriculum in the laboratory, where I gained many skills which will be important in a university course.

I carried out personal care duties, bathing, helping with mobility and use of the toilet.

It was challenging and sometimes harrowing work, but immensely fulfilling.A proper notion of human dignity, an urgent desire to alleviate pain and an ability to remain calm in the face of human suffering are the essentials qualities of the successful carer.My dedication to these values is absolute, and I hope you will consider my application.My work involves personal care, such as dressing, shaving, bathing and so on, arranging and escorting hospital visits, and administering medication.I liaise with other professionals, such as doctors, district nurses, police, physiotherapists and pharmacists.The online guides and samples provided are divided by discipline.Don't hesitate to consult resources from all disciplines, since many of the tips and techniques for effective personal statements are common to all.I felt that I was doing something of the first importance, and the medical team were very appreciative of my work.When I came to England in 2003 I immediately sought work as a health care assistant and now work with vulnerable adults suffering from various debilitating health problems in their own homes.All of these duties have given me a useful preparation for my planned career, and served to reaffirm my commitment to the profession.My college course covered human biology, including the skeletal system, the lymphatic system and physiology.


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