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I live and work in New York City, and clients often come to the City for first meetings from New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut. Ivy Achievement has put together an unparalleled team.Ben and Ariel always went out of their way to help me in every way possible – be it tutoring me for ACT Science, connecting me with alumni of my target schools, or preparing me for college interviews. His mom and I are extremely excited and proud parents.

- Ashley Pallie, Associate Dean of Admissions, Pomona College You may describe specific challenges that you have risen above, such as: If you choose to write about challenges in your life, be careful to avoid using overly critical or negative language.

Giving admissions officers a window into difficult experiences can present your story in your college application, but there are other topics that can also make for a strong essay (e.g. Whichever angle you select to tell your story, highlight the most important things that have shaped and continue to shape your identity.

Reach out well in advance of any deadlines, and give them at least two weeks to provide feedback. Here are some things to keep in mind: Tune into live webinars to learn more about recommendations, college essays, and filling out your application.

Ask them in person if you can, but if you cannot, send them an email. Visit our How to Apply page for more application resources.

To my pleasant surprise, most of these schools were in fact traditional liberal arts colleges.

It was not only the research, but also the openness towards the liberal arts (lacking in Indian counsellors) that made my process of college selection so well-informed and my target colleges well-suited.

Choosing to work with Ivy Achievement on my applications was one of the best decisions I made on my college application process.

Finances were a limiting factor for me, and I was told by my previous counsellor at [redacted] that correspondingly limited would be my college options.

I was also strictly told not to apply to liberal arts colleges, because, as I was warned, scholarship opportunities there would be particularly scarce.

For someone eager to explore diverse disciplines after having studied for fourteen years in the rigid Indian academic system, this ‘reality-check’ was quite a blow.


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