Ocr English Literature A2 Coursework

Students study the following texts: Various online and paper study guides are available for the texts we study.

OCR, A level subject code: H472 What is English Literature?

They will study the effects of language and structure in literature and be encouraged to consider alternative, critical interpretations and the context in which texts are produced and received.

Students read a range of texts including novels, poetry and plays.

As well as leading to the possibility of studying English itself, students also find that it facilitates entry to a wide variety of other degree courses, such as Law, Politics, History of Art, and Anthropology.

AS (H072) Component 1 (50% AS) Written Examination (1 hour 30 minutes) One question on Shakespeare play and one question on pre 1900 poet.What careers and University courses can English Literature lead to?English Literature is one of a handful of gold plated A levels that are highly regarded by Universities precisely because of the fact that it is still deemed to be very challenging.Thousands of students are expected to enter the university Clearing service tomorrow, following declarations of results.Incredible numbers of courses are unfilled, with more than 26,000 courses still listed on the UCAS Clearing service the night before results day.English Literature combines extremely well with such subjects as History, Government & Politics, Sociology and Law.The emphasis on writing essays which involve textual analysis, formal language, and logical arguments will inevitably also improve performance in these other subjects.I love creating resources and spend far too much time doing it. Currently teaching mostly A-level English Literature, but there are a range of free and paid resources for all ages. Currently teaching mostly A-level English Literature, but there are a range of free and paid resources for all ages. I believe in challenging students with a range of ambitious material, but also believe that this needs to be underpinned by explicit direction on HOW students can develop their ideas in written form. Please enable cookies on your browser and try again.In order to check that all exam boards are assessing students on the same skills, a single set of Assessment Objectives (or AOs) is used by all boards in their A Level English Literature specifications.


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