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One thing self-help experts will tell you about such times is to try to nurture oneself, and with that in mind I embarked upon a series of Skype classes with a painter named Richard Thomas Scott.

One thing self-help experts will tell you about such times is to try to nurture oneself, and with that in mind I embarked upon a series of Skype classes with a painter named Richard Thomas Scott.

These articles had the tone of Maroger’s book – In online forums people talked about Odd Nerdrum’s palette, mediums, and the precise sort of herringbone linen he uses.

I knew the information was flimsy, but still my heart beat faster!

At the state university where I got my degree in 1984, my oil painting instruction consisted of What I’d wanted to learn to do was paint people, people who looked at least passably real, and not just lying around but flying, jumping, wearing costumes, preferably set in elaborate backgrounds, like the SF and fantasy illustrators who were the only living illusionistic painters I knew. I could always draw, and finally ended up working as a scientific illustrator, very happy that I’d found a niche.

But still I longed to paint in oils and do it well.

If you are or were a student of Odd Nerdrum, I promise I won’t show up at your house — although it’s I might crash your next gallery opening but only if it’s in a city within easy driving distance.

Hint: there might be some nice galleries in Atlanta!Writing these next few essays has felt like untangling a long skein of thread and then carefully knitting it together, making sense out of something that had been chaotic.For an artist, for all of us, life and work are connected, and so it is here.We could ask Richard any questions we wanted about mediums, stretching linen, underpainting, and how to pronounce – mispronunciation being, of course, the awful curse of the Southern painting autodidact.The Skype classes were during bright day in Tennessee, but the windows in the Paris studio on my computer screen were dark.This confused me yet again, in fact, I could hardly get my head around some of the ideas at first.All of us products of 20th Century art education knew this would get us laughed out of any modern classroom and most galleries too. The more I saw of Nerdrum’s work the more he reminded me of some new Rembrandt, although I have to admit that Rembrandt was never my favorite Old Master painter. Nor did Nerdrum’s style, impasto laid on heavy linen, immediately appeal to me in that way I’m sure other painters recognize, like wanting to possess a new car or lover: And some of his work puzzled me (for the umpteenth time) in light of his writings about lack of irony and sincerity.This was supposed to be the magic medium of the Old Masters that made their paint flow like dark honey from the brush!Odd Nerdrum actually did it, and it ruined some of his pictures, melted them right off the canvas.I finally stumbled upon Art Babel, a blog full of juicy information-rich articles, many written by someone named Richard Thomas Scott, a real live student of Odd Nerdrum.He was quite a wonderful painter himself, because there was one of his paintings with very real-looking naked people floating in the ether! I emailed him because there was contact information on the website and an invitation to join something, I wasn’t sure what, but I must have kept dogging him until he finally emailed me back. The classes consisted of me and a few other people in various parts of the world watching Richard paint somewhere in Paris, I think from Odd Nerdrum’s house in exile, while he talked about the philosophical underpinnings of Nerdrum’s “Kitsch painting.” The connection went bad sometimes, but it was great fun, I learned a lot, and watching Richard paint was more useful than anything.


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