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Though he and his crew face danger and obstacles every step of the way Odysseus’s character hardly changes.

The entire book Odysseus longs to see his wife but he is a good man and a courageous leader.

One must have also gone through the entire hero’s journey to be deemed a hero. However, in The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus disrespects his crew men and the gods’ advice, lets hubris interfere with his men’s lives, and is unfaithful to his wife Penelope....

He must start off naïve and inept and through his challenges, transform into someone worth calling a hero. [tags: odyssey] - In the Odyssey, women play a much greater role in the development of the story than in previous instances in Greek Mythology.

Therefore, Hospitality is a central motif of the Odyssey that focuses on the behavior of both hosts and their guests.

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Homer’s depicts several scenes of positive hospitality throughout the story of “The Odyssey “....

Odysseus experiences a lot of inconsistent emotions; a lot of this is attributed to the physical and mental hell he goes through on this remarkable voyage....

[tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Homer, Epic poetry] - The Odyssey A hero is defined as “a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.” Homer’s epic, The Odyssey, is mostly focused on pivotal roles like leadership, courage and, patriarchy.

[tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Trojan War, Penelope] - In the Odyssey, the experiences Odysseus faced were caused and influenced by a certain amount of woman who some could say controlled his life.

Odysseus’ wife Penelope was always the woman in his heart even though he travelled to many different lands and was offered immortality, wealth or amazing sex he turned them all down in hopes of one day returning to his one true love.


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