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How does this conflict play out in the lives of the main characters and the events of the play?What message might Sophocles have been communicating by depicting the relationship between religion and state in this particular way?Show how her value system is similar to, and different from, that of those around her, and explain why Sophocles' may have wanted a character with such an iconoclastic value system.

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Describe Antigone's personal system of values, using as much evidence as you can from the text.

Specifically, explain what she holds most dear and important, and what things are not important to her.

Write an essay describing the roles of women and men in ancient Greece as they are portrayed throughout 'Antigone'. Describe the relationship between religion and the state in 'Antigone'.

To what extent do the state and religion support one another, and to what extent do they conflict with one another?

In each of the three plays, the Chorus repeatedly gives us moral lessons, often condemning “pride.” Are we to take the proclamations of the Chorus as absolute truth, or is the Chorus just as fallible as the other characters?

Is pride really the catalyst for all the catastrophes of the plays?

Provide specific evidence from the text to support your argument about how she changes.

Explain why you think these changes occur, and whether you find this sort of character transformation realistic.

Describe how the plays are similar to and different from one another, and how they do or do not support each other's purposes.

Write an essay describing the view of death in 'Antigone'.


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