Of Mice And Men Literary Elements Essay

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Many ideas in books are not written simply in text.The use of symbols makes it possible for these thoughts to cross the reader’s mind.This dream represents the freedom George and Lennie wish to have.

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The farm itself is considered a microcosim in the fact that every sect of society is reprepresented in that one ranch.

In many great books, famous authors use literary elements to enlighten each individual on various levels of understanding.

These devices are incorporated into the journey of two companions working their way to a dream.

You have the mentally challenged, the napolian complex, the black guy, the old guy, the crippled guy, the woman... There is also symbolism in that the dream farm of George and Lennie could represent the American Dream and at the time this dream was disillusioned with the idea of the Great Depression and how many could not in fact achieve said dream.

The reader knew that something would prevent the two men from obtaining their dream.


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