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That means providing more than awesome travel nursing jobs in fun locations.

That means providing more than awesome travel nursing jobs in fun locations.Our team has gone to great lengths to curate resources for travel nurses that not only make working with us easier but also empower you to grow as a professional and take your career to greater heights. That means we go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible service and care when you take a travel nurse assignment with us.

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When you work with a travel nurse agency your assignments will run between one and three months.

If you love working as a travel nurse, and are looking for more control and better options, you might consider becoming an independent nurse contractor.

After you amass the experience and understanding of the travel nurse industry, you may find success as your own boss.

Overseas assignments are generally about one to two years.

You will have the freedom to accept or refuse any contract, but bear in mind: the more contracts you refuse, the less you’re likely to be offered down the road.


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