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If so, then writing an analytical essay might be right up your alley.

If so, then writing an analytical essay might be right up your alley.

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Then, add a conclusion at the end to reiterate your main points with a statement that demonstrates how your analysis ties together (or what it means). If you need to do more research to hone your analysis, it should become clear at this point.

That’s a good thing, though, because it means you'll identify areas that need help before you try to begin writing.

Typically no more than a couple of sentences should be necessary to emphasize your point.

Image © Are you the sort of person who loves to prove a point?

The focus of an analytical essay is typically narrow.

After all, you’re concentrating on one aspect of your topic and analyzing its meaning or effect—ensure it’s a strong angle with many facets to explore.

Instead, it will be a reasoned explanation of what the work means or its impact on society.

If you’re writing an analytical essay about a novel, for example, you might focus on a prevalent theme throughout the book (perhaps analyzing the theme of the American dream in “The Great Gatsby” or rebellion in the Harry Potter series). Before you can write an analysis, you need to read or watch the work or works that are the subject of your essay or otherwise study your subject matter.

You might jot down interesting quotations or key words, evidence of particular themes, or cause-and-effect relationships.

This will give you concrete material to build your argument from when you begin writing your essay.


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