One Man Meat Is Another Man Poison Essay

We are talking about the variety of choice and direction in human affairs.

This is aptly put by the English proverb that says one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

These words from Book IV of Lucretius’ long poem explaining the Epicurean philosophy, meaning that something that’s good for one person may be bad for another.

Many Reuters news stories use terms like “One man’s theology is another man’s belly laugh.” Robert A.

Lumumba must have been offering a political cuisine that was poison to surrogate politicians like Joseph Mobutu and Moise Tshombe, the secessionist Katanga rebel that brought the curse of endless wars and conflicts to the Congo.

Anyway, while in Kinshasa, we visited the market, a vast concern where you can buy anything from food to clothes and all sorts of trinkets and accessories.A member of our visiting party was arrested for speaking in English.He was taken to a police station and accused of being a spy.The guide and the guy’s passport finally convinced the police that there was no malice intended.The guide warned us to be circumspect in our conversations.Heinlein (1907-1988) American writer best known for his science fiction stories and novels This is one of the many witty aphorisms of the main character in Heinlein’s novel (2000) In the movie, an L. playwright (played by Kenneth Branagh) is plagued by a series of annoyances, including a senile mother-in-law, a wife whose biological clock is ticking, impotency, writer’s block and a neighborhood dog that barks all night.David Mungoshi Shelling The Nuts— UNANIMITY on all planes of human affairs is an incorrigible myth!Sometime in 1989 I went on a visit to Kinshasa in Mobutu’s Zaire and had a few opportunities to walk around the city but mostly in the company of a guide.They were very suspicious in Kinshasa in those days.If you hear its sound on a moonless night you get a sense of the numinous, that is, your hair stands on end and you could swear that there is a malevolent presence lurking in the shadows.The clawed toad (dzetse/idlamedlu) is quite a sumptuous dish for some, no matter how others may see it.


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