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A free plagiarism checker may scan your paper for matching text and merely highlight the problem areas and return a percentage that reflects the amount of unoriginal writing it uncovered.The Bib Me Plus paper checker stop at just scanning your paper; it helps to give you the information you need to make fully informed and intelligent decisions that can ultimately help you become a better researcher.

Welcome to your go-to review service for writing and citing with confidence!

With the click of a button, Bib Me Plus will review your paper for spelling, punctuation, verb tense, and other grammar issues so you can rest easy knowing that you’re submitting your best work.

If you find that you have accidentally plagiarized, whether on your first, fourth, or final draft, the Bib Me Plus plagiarism tool has got you covered.

After reviewing the suggested sources and identifying the passages which are missing citations, you can choose to start creating a proper citation right then and there.

A quick scan of your uploaded document or pasted text reveals any passages that require your review and returns the results to you, along with links to the source that contains matching text.

While your teachers have driven home the point that citations are a necessary and critical element of your papers and projects, it’s not always clear why they are so important.Any areas of your writing that contain duplicate content from the internet are highlighted for your attention.You have the power to review each flagged passage as well as the suggested source to determine if a citation is needed.Not only does it flag potentially forgotten or missed citations within your final draft, but it also provides tools, resources, and guides to help you conduct your research, polish your writing, and create your citations.Finding out that you’ve accidentally infringed on another’s work the night before your assignment is due can leave you scrambling to rewrite sections of your paper, update your citations, and modify your bibliography at the eleventh hour.The Bib Me Plus writing and citing tools go far beyond the basics of just proofreading; it also checks your paper for plagiarism, and helps you build your biography quickly.Our tool scans your document for similar content on the Internet.After all, reviewing every inch of every paper by hand and comparing it all with the entirety of the world’s published works for potential signs of an accidental, ethical breach would be an arduous and potentially impossible task.That’s why instructors across all levels of education often rely on automated scanning tools to check papers and help them identify instances of academic dishonesty; and why students should, too.As you complete each new draft with the help of our manuals, scanning your paper with the Bib Me Plus plagiarism tool can help confirm that you’ve completed your assignments responsibly and ethically so you can submit them with confidence.Anyone committed to continued learning and improvement knows that feedback is one of the most valuable resources available.


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