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Students also have the ability to review their past results or drill into a specific assessment to see their progress throughout the year.

You’re dealing with all the regular teen worries, but the real bear is this: a significant percentage of your homework demands 24/7 internet connectivity and your family doesn’t have home access.

A lack of internet access at home should not be a locked gate that prevents students from achieving success in high school and life. We tell the whole story, even when the details are inconvenient. I have a thoughtful suggestion for closing this stubborn gap, and that is, make the internet safe for minors.

It appalls me that school districts are encouraging families to purchase internet devices for their children (as early as elementary school) but many have not offered sufficient education (if any at all) to parents about internet safety and constant monitoring, as technology changes.

Related: Many schools could beam the internet into students’ homes — if the bandwidth hadn’t already been sold to businesses With few exceptions, all students are curious, want a bright future and are willing to work hard to earn it.

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Regardless of the color of their skin or their family’s income level, all high school students deserve access to the internet at home so that they can translate their potential into meaningful achievements.

During the last many years, governments and nonprofits have made terrific progress wiring America’s classrooms, but learning should not end when a student leaves the school building.

Students should be able to continue learning wherever and whenever works best for them. The Hechinger Report provides in-depth, fact-based, unbiased reporting on education that is free to all readers. Our work keeps educators and the public informed about pressing issues at schools and on campuses throughout the country. Dear Editorial Manager, Thank you for your article.

WATCH THE VIDEO As an educator, you can lock or unlock content during an assessment to restrict what your students can view while the assessment is in process.

Locked content is ideal for formal tests and quizzes.


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