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Our character counter counts the number of characters typed into the textarea.All characters including whitespace, punctuation and numbers are counted.

In British English words such as "travelling", "quarrelling", etc. Among native speakers, English is the third most common first language in the world after Chinese (#1) and Spanish (#2).The dictionaries used by this site have been hand curated for use in educational, professional and many informal settings.For example, our dictionary has eliminated most improper and "naughty" words using our naughty word filter.JSpell supports basic English grammar checking for free (online, no downloads).JSpell checks your text for punctuation errors and capitalization errors.Grammar checkers look for subject-verb agreement, missing punctuation, punctuation misuse, and run on sentences.It provides suggestions based on the types of grammar errors detected.Contact us on Facebook if you have any suggestions or if you just want to say thanks!This course follows a communicative, task-based approach that emphasizes interaction and peer collaboration while fostering learner autonomy.In order to get this grade from your teacher, you must fill and submit the CLASS PARTICIPATION SELF-EVALUATION FORM (PDF).Your homework grade counts as 10% of your final grade.


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