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The videos I viewed would not work in my courses, ever.

Further, the textbook refers constantly to watered-down assignments that I would not assign.

In fact, much professional writing starts with an abstract, executive summary, or cover sheet that obviates the need for a conclusion.

The worst thing we can do in much scientific and technical discourse is build suspense and save the point, answer, or recommendations to the end.

In addition to the mix of genres that it discusses, the book is also effective in its coverage of different aspects of writing such as audience, context, ethics, etc.

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read more see less The book has a strong balance of topics.Basically, I find that students seem to flourish when a class (and a textbook) regularly comes back to explicitly stated themes, and the book didn't necessarily have those.They were there (audience, genre, etc.), but they weren't really up-played in a way that students will definitely get.The book is very good, and I look forward to using it.But I do want to say that although above the book got 5-stars across the board, I'm not sure if I would give it a perfect review if I were to rate it.The way this book is designed and written does not seem to engage the exigencies of technical writing as I'm familiar with them.Other textbooks, whether consistent or not, provide better examples of practices from many industries to help prepare students from writing after college.Many phrases such as "as seen in the last section," make it difficult for students to follow what's happening.The videos address students in a single section writing a specific assignment and the content of the videos is not transferable to other contexts.The way that the book starts with a quick reference guide to genres and then moves into the big-picture writing theory is evidence that the writers want the book to be immediately useful.The book's organization seems maximally effective for teachers and students.


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