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Demands on the impartiality and objectivity of the Examination Board members and opponents are extremely high.

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Doctoral education includes taking active part in the publication of scholarly articles.if the thesis is explicitly multidisciplinary) this number may be increased to five.At least one member of the Examination Board is to belong to an institution other than KI and have no current affiliation with the university.If there is the slightest reason for others to doubt the objectivity of the Examination Board, it would mean that your interests have not been looked after sufficiently.The following documents are available to help you judge whether a conflict of interest situation exists: COI as defined by the Administrative Procedure Act According to the Administrative Procedure Act, conflict of interest refers to any circumstances in which a member of a decision-making body engaged in a discussion about or the presentation of specific material can be assumed to lack objectivity of opinion.If such original papers are included in your doctoral thesis, your own contributions must be clearly identifiable.Support for writing the thesis The monograph thesis If your thesis is to be presented as a monograph thesis in which there are no referee-reviewed articles, the review process deviates slightly from that for compilation theses.The opponent and members of an Examination Board must thus have absolutely no connection with you personally, your supervisor or your project.Karolinska Institutet’s COI rules KI’s COI rules (in Swedish) The Swedish Research Council’s COI rules The Swedish Research Council (VR) has also issued general COI rules: COI rules (in Swedish) These rules are similar in many respects to KI’s own rules. A suitable time interval between the meetings of the Dissertation Committee and your desired defence date is about ten weeks. The members must be free in their assessment so that no doubt can be cast on the objectivity of their decision (see Avoiding COI below). The Examination Board is to be composed so that the members’ combined expertise covers the entire field of the thesis.


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