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In the following year, Northbourne published his manifesto of organic farming, Look to the Land, in which he coined the term "organic farming." The Betteshanger conference has been described as the 'missing link' between biodynamic agriculture and other forms of organic farming.founded in the 1940s both a working organic farm for trials and experimentation, The Rodale Institute, and the Rodale Press to teach and advocate organic methods to the wider public.

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Organic farming continues to be developed by various organic agriculture organizations today.

It is defined by the use of fertilizers of organic origin such as compost manure, green manure, and bone meal and places emphasis on techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting.

Organic farming is farming is defined by the USDA as: “...

Organic agriculture produces products using methods that preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics.”(USDA) This means that organic farmers have jump through a certain amount of hoops to get certified in the United States.

In 1921, Albert Howard and his wife Gabrielle Howard, accomplished botanists, founded an Institute of Plant Industry to improve traditional farming methods in India.

Among other things, they brought improved implements and improved animal husbandry methods from their scientific training; then by incorporating aspects of the local traditional methods, developed protocols for the rotation of crops, erosion prevention techniques, and the systematic use of composts and manures.

For instance, naturally occurring pesticides such as pyrethrin and rotenone are permitted, while synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are generally prohibited.

Synthetic substances that are allowed include, for example, copper sulfate, elemental sulfur and Ivermectin.

There is a movement called The National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda (NOGAMU) this movement was created in 2001 to connect the producers of the produce with the processors and the exporters.

NOGAMU’s vision is to, “Increase incomes and improved livelihoods in Uganda through adoption of Organic Agriculture” (NOGAMU).


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