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Television is a major part of my life, a field I have been destined to pursue since the day I was born. Huxtable’s name sounded as sophisticated as the character herself. Why were only fictional characters from popular sitcoms suggested for my moniker when much more special names exist, say, after a great grandmother or a parent’s childhood friend? Our love of television is something we can all agree upon, even if we don’t always see eye to eye on what to watch each night.

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Now, you may be asking yourself, what is my family’s deal with television? We speak to each other in quotes, each reference a part of our own personal language.

My sister takes much satisfaction in the fact that she is responsible for dubbing the member that completed our close-knit family unit. We have lively discussions about soap opera characters and their relationships as if they were our own flesh and blood.

Too simple to be a Veronica or Vanessa, to sophisticated to be an Ann or Cindy, Amanda just seems to fit all around. Simple and easy going, yet with an aesthetic appreciation and a thirst to satisfy artistic and expressive needs. It feels like a good pair of old jeans, broken in and comfortable. At first, they seem awkward and stiff; but as time passes they grow to be natural and perfect.

As I have matured I have grown to appreciate its beauty.

And when my name appears in the byline of my first column, I will thank my sister for not suggesting Rudy or Theo on that snowy February morning.

” Luckily I wasn’t born on a Thursday, so she wasn’t missing the latest episode of . “She doesn’t look like a Phoebe.” The task of naming me was proving to be more difficult than they had thought. I plan to turn my zest for the small screen into a career in media and entertainment.

To remedy this, I strutted into my classroom on the bottom floor of the church school and declared that my first name was so horribly unsuitable to me that I would respond only to my middle name, Elizabeth.

Granted it wasn't exactly Serena, but according to my pre-elementary school logic it was infinitely better than my last name.

In this lesson, we use names to introduce the concept of identity and the idea that each of our identities is the product of the relationship between the individual and society.

Students will then broaden their exploration of identity and consider the other factors that influence who we are as individuals.


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