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As we can already see this already outlines the ‘soft’ nature of Mrs Kay.

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’, Linda didn’t even acknowledge Mr Briggs’s presence by not looking at his face when she says What? This shows how Linda does not have any respect for Mr Briggs.

Mr Briggs then questions her on the outfit she is wearing, when he questions her on this she ignores him and stares out of the window and says ‘ what!

Our Day Out by Willy Russell The play "Our Day Out" in based around the remedial class of an inner city Liverpool comprehensive.

The children are the bottoms of the heap; they are not blessed with a well off families to support them.

’ , Briggs does not like this attitude so he says ‘ Don’t you ‘what’ me young lady’, which shows just a fraction of his already apparent bitterness towards the progress class children’s attitudes.

At the end of Briggs’s conversation with Linda he replies to Linda’s ‘ I don’t wanna see no crappy castle anyway’, by saying ‘Count yourself lucky you’re not a lad ‘, which suggests to me that he is either being slightly sexist or he pointing out that if Linda was a boy he would probably give her a quick ‘clip round the back of the head’.

The next question raised is what should education offer pupils?

In my opinion education should be fun, and rewarding.

Proving her lack of educational ability is the fact that she mistakes a lake for the see.

Even though she is lacking in educational ability she is still aware of her surroundings in Wales and then back at home she is also aware of the differences between them.


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